Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Sites: how to create public site and map it to WWW sub-domain

If you followed instruction from the previous articles Google Apps: how to create and map it to your own domain you already should have Free Google Apps account linked to your own domain name.

So, now we are ready to go further and implement something really significant: your own publicly accessible Site on your own domain. For example, in our case it could be www.some-company-name.com

Actually, you will be able to create any number of sites on several sub-domains  as, for example, one site dedicated to your customers and another dedicated to your partners. Something like this:
  • for-partners.some-company-name.com
  • for-customers.some-company-name.com
Your site can consist just from one page or can include several ones, or even can consist of several parts, with several pages in each part. Google Sites service allows you to have not only static pages with text and images but also it allows you to add some interactive components to your pages or some elements integrated with other Google products. And all these require no special knowledge or experience from you.

Of course these components have some restrictions but should meet the needs of the most of you.
We can say that implement your own site will not be difficultly than compose Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

Your site also not necessarily should be public - you have several options to restrict access to your site according to your requirements.

Let’s start! Please follow our instructions.