Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Google Apps: how to create and map it to your own domain

First of all let’s recall our aims: If you want to begin your own startup, or just bring online your already existing offline business, in any case, you have to create your own online infrastructure, and we will do it by using set of Google tools.

So, if you want to create your own site on your own domain, or want to create your own blog on your own domain, or even want to create your own web application (such as Twitter, or Pinterest, or any other less known), or just want to have your own email address with your own domain name (for example:, or anything like this), you can have any combination of these four elements or all of them. But to implement this, first you have to create Google Apps account and then map it to your own domain name. Of course if you already have registered domain name you can map Google Apps to it, otherwise you also have to register it. Domain name registration is the only step which might require some money spent from you – something around $10.

Although, starting on December 6, 2012, Google will no longer offer new accounts for the free edition of Google Apps. But if you follow my instructions from previous article you still can get account for such free Google Apps edition. This free Google Apps account is limited by just one user – not much, but it is quite enough for our purpose.

Of course, you can as well use a paid version of Google Apps for several users, so called Google Apps for Business. It is a very good solution in case your company already has several employees, and you want to get a convenient and reliable IT solution for your company. The process described below will be applicable in any case.

So, returning to our aims, we need to have Google Apps account at list to achieve next porpoise:

– By using Google Apps you will map your domain and its subdomains to different parts of your online infrastructure. For example you can implement next schema:

– Also you will use the Google Apps Sites (one of the service included in Google Apps suite) in order to create and develop your public site.

– After mapping you Google Apps to your domain you will get branded email addresses in your domain, similar to this: some_name@

Please follow next instructions in order achieve these goals.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to create online infrastructure for your startup or existing business

free Google tools

In the next series of articles I plan to explain how you can create your own online infrastructure by using set of free Google tools.

If you want to begin your own startup, or just bring online your already existing offline business, in any case, this information will be useful to you. What exactly do I mean by online infrastructure of your startup or business?

By online infrastructure I mainly mean next four elements:
  • Your main site (for example: – there you can place any static information relevant to your startup or offline business: greeting to your customers, description of your services or products, terms of use, your contact information, etc.
  • Your blog (for example – there you will be able regularly post news or articles, informing your audience and customers, and attracting additional attention to your startup or existing business.
  • Your own web application or service (such as Twitter, or Pinterest are, or any other less known) – it could be the heart of your startup or just additional useful service to your customers, it's up to you. You could make it by yourself or outsource to somebody.
  • Your email address at your own domain (for example:, or anything like this). Such email looks more solid than just and you can place at your business card or on any other advertising materials.
So, you can have all of these four elements, or just some combination of them, according to your taste.
All these things will be useful to you, even if you just want to get a web representation for your offline business. For example, even a small bakery, or shoe store, or family hotel, or a local beauty salon, everyone will need at least some parts of these online infrastructure.

I have to mention that you can get it all for free; the only thing for which you will have to pay is a registration of your own domain name, if you do not already have it. Besides that, you can implement most parts of such infrastructure without any special knowledge or skills. You will get all instructions required to achieve this, just from this series of articles.

But if you really want to get your own web application (not just the site or the blog) you will need to program it, or alternatively, if you get cool idea for your web application but don’t want to implement it by yourself, you can outsource its implementation to somebody else.

And once again, if you just want to have your own blog (similar to this, for example) or just a site, you do not have to program at all. In the next articles we will go right to these to aims:
  • Create your own site on your own domain (by using Google Apps Sites)
  • Create your own blog on your own domain (by using Blogger)
In addition you will get a Gmail email address on your own domain name. (Similar to this:, or anything like this)

One thing that you need to have before you start is the any existing Google account, most likely you already have one, but if not yet, you can get it by following simple instructions here.

If you are ready please follow the next instructions, we will begin from Google App Engine (this step is mandatory to be able to create FREE Google Apps account next)